Here are some of my favorite wastes of time:

Aviation / Flyg

Scramble's Air Show Dates
Scramble's Air Forces index
AirVectors An excellent information site by Greg Goebel
Bildarkiv Totavia
The Nurflügel Page
Frogi military secrets page
Luft 46
Dennis Hedlund's flygsida
Flight of the Valkyrie All about the XB-70 Valkyrie
Airline statistics
Vic Flintham
The warbirds recource group
Above top secret
Above top secret forums
X-15 All about the North American X-15
Mystery Planes
Daniel K:s aviation images Updated
Strange mecha aircraft
Aerospace Projects review
Spy flight Luftwaffe resources
Peter Steehouwer's Airshow Action Photo Gallery
Aircraft of the Spanish Civil War
The virtual aviation museum
Die offizielle Junkers homepage
The X-Prize Foundation
Carter Aviation Technologies
RAF - history
The P-3 Orion Research Group
The Aviation Enthusiast Corner
The Oops list Mostly aviation oops
All about the VJ-101
Air and Space Magazine
Global security - aircraft
Global security - aircraft systems
Urban Fredriksson's aviation page
Wikipedia's list of Swedish military aircraft
Nico Braas aircraft photos
Swedish airlines
Flightradar Follow airborn aircraft
Air racing history
Aerospace Legacy Foundation
Aviation Museum
World Airport Codes
Aviation page in Russian
The Aviationist
Dryden on Youtube
Försvarets luftblogg
Latin American Aviation Historical Society
War is Boring New New

Science fiction and fantasy


  • The greatest: Jack Vance
  • Asimov online
  • Jenkins’ Spoiler-Laden Guide to Isaac Asimov
  • Terry Pratchett books
  • Raymond E. Feist
  • C.J. Cherryh
  • Robert E. Howard
  • The Philip K. Dick official site

    Sy Fy Channel
    SF Site
    The Astounding B Monster
    The Pink Unicorn
    The encyclopedia of science fiction Updated
    Great Science fiction and fantasy works
    Scifi Storm
    Science fiction news in Swedish
    Spacelight Author obituaries
    Club Cosmos
    The Zone
    Temporal Anomalies in Time Travel Movies
    All you need to know about science fiction Popup-warning!
    Tommy of Escondido's Alien Fonts Page
    Encyclopedia of Arda
    Books 'n' Bytes
    Romantic science fiction and fantasy
    Chronos - The Future of Time Travel
    Sci-Fi Scripts
    SciFi Slacker
    Historian of Things That Never Were
    A Mystical Unicorn
    Arizona science fiction
    Snurcher's Guide
    Farscape world
    Pointless waste of time
    Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase
    Star Wars wiki
    Seven Spokes All about The Wheel of Time
    Hard SF The science behind hard sf
    Russell's Guide to Interdimensional Entities Updated
    Scifi World
    Hour of the Wolf A scifi radio show
    Ellen Datlow
    Cyberpunk Review
    The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film and Television
    Radio Rivendell
    Archive of old
    Sf Encyclopedia
    Fantasy literature
    Delta Science Fiction
    Classics of Science Fiction
    Heavy Metal downloads
    Det svenska science fiction-året
    DMR Book reviews
    Sinkadusmåndag New

    Movies / Film & tv

    Internet Movie Database Search
    Aint it cool news
    Shill's actress archives
    Thomas James Bondsidor
    Episode guides
    Movie mistakes
    Göteborgs Film Festival
    And You Call Yourself a Scientist?
    SciFlicks: Science Fiction Cinema
    Cinematic Happenings Under Development
    DVD review
    Memorable TV
    Cult TV International
    Four Word Film Reviews How many words do you need?
    Mutant Reviewers
    Bruce Campbell
    SF Signal
    Insultingly stupid movie physics
    TV Tropes
    Game of Thrones Wiki
    Superheroes every day New

    Encyclopediae etc
    Wikipedia in English
    Svenska akademiens ordbok (old site)
    Svenska akademiens ordlista
    Merriam Webster online
    Eniro The Danish equivalent of Gula sidorna Norwegian Yellow Pages
    Paginas Blankas Spanish Yellow Pages
    Italian Yellow Pages
    French Yellow Pages Wörterbücher
    French dictionaries
    CIA World Factbook
    Calculatorway Calculator and unit translation New


    Hit och dit och tillbaka igen
    Mummel från läktaren
    Med öga för historia
    Häggström hävdar
    The TOF Spot (Michael Flynn)
    The Dragon's Tales
    James Davis Nicoll
    Landet Annien
    Kul med fysik
    BEM's blog
    Gränsvandring på Hisingen
    En liten blogg om rymden
    Hisingen härs och tvärs
    Rockyramblings New

    Space, astronomy & science

    Stardrive Faster than light travel
    Mars Society How and why we should go to Mars
    Hubble Heritage
    The Dinosauria
    Fråga Lund om matematik
    Venus today
    The Worlds of David Darling
    ESAs satellite tracker
    Centauri Dreams
    Asteroid impact calculator
    Himlakroppars upp- och nedgångar
    Viewing Earth from ISS in real time
    ISS Tracker
    IFL Science's list of upcoming space missions
    Space Missions
    Space Engine - The Universe simulator


  • NASA Dryden's photo page
  • The solar system
  • a planetary photojournal
  • Stardust
  • Exoplanets The search for another Earth
  • NASA's trajectory browser
  • NASA's Eclipse web site New


  • Uppsalainitiativet
  • Maths Nilsson - klimat
  • Real Climate

    Role playing

    Table master
    Gamer's Alliance
    Strolen's humble netbook collection
    ADND links

    Chess / Schack

    Start with SS Manhems official homepage
    The Week In Chess
    Inte bara schack
    Pitt's chess archives
    Johan's chess blog

    Various useful or -less links

    Västtrafik Trafikinformation
    Trafiken i Göteborg
    The traffic around Gothenburg
    Dark Side of the Web
    Halfmind's Hash Page (don't be disappointed now!)
    Gothenburg Hash House Harriers Updated
    Copenhagen H3
    Rogue Basin Updated
    Roguelet's ABC Updated
    Lalaguna Beachclub in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.
    Microdatorns testcenter
    Loch Ness livecam
    How Stuff Works
    The Last Word Q&A
    The Silicon Zoo
    An On-line Bartender
    An international currency converter
    Huey Lewis & The News - the greatest rock band ever ... ehhh at least I like them!
    Beautiful pictures
    Formula One
    Atlas F1
    Comebackalive Good advice for dangerous places
    The Last Homely House
    Middle Earth
    The Tolkien sarcasm page
    Skalman National football/soccer team ratings calculated the chess way
    IG-Nobel prize
    Eurekalert Urban Legends Reference Page
    World Atlas of Maps Flags and Geography Facts
    Lambiek's comicopedia
    Encyclopedia Mythica
    Baen Free Library
    Byggahus forum
    Bengans historiesidor
    Damn Interesting It is!
    Index Mundi
    Your turn my turn
    The Skeptic's Dictionary
    Language Is a Virus
    Freedom to Tinker
    Game reviews from Game Reactor
    Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide
    PlanetWare Travel Guide
    BK Häcken
    Who called?
    Slöjden i skogen Allt om träd
    Boardgame Geek
    My life elsewhere
    Minecraft Wiki
    Unshort URLs
    World history maps
    The true size of Earths countries
    Easycounter website statistics
    Lantmäteriets historiska kartdata
    Antipodes map
    Swedish economic statistics
    Clans and castles of Scotland
    Min gata
    Free DAWs
    The FL-Studio forum
    Park- och naturförvaltningen: foldrar om naturområden New
    Sceptical Inquirer New
    Crownmountain New

    Computer related

    Muquit's CGI-program
    Web toolkit
    C++ FAQ lite
    C++ tutorial
    Notes on C
    The essential Pascal
    CAN Information
    HTML 4.01 specification
    Differences between HTML 4 and 5
    Webopedia The online computer dictionary
    Tech books for free
    Free computer books
    The PC Guru
    Unix Help
    Tutorialspoint Python
    Python Tutorial
    Python syntax check
    Unix man pages

    Friends and relatives

    Hillez hundar
    Jarek's old bookmarks
    Tobbe & Lotta
    Nisses fotosida

    Babylon 5

    Lurker's Guide

    Interstellar Alliance Interstellar Alliance
    Voltayre´s Encyclopedia Xenobiologica
    Babylon 5 Encyclopedia
    Babylon 5's geography
    The Babylon 5 webring
    The Galactic Gateway
    Babylon 5 screen savers etc.
    The Babylon 5 Tech-Manual
    Early B5 designs
    B5 crosswords
    The Babylon 5 that never was
    The Abyss
    JMSnews Everything He has ever posted on the Internet!
    Worlds of JMS What is he up to now?
    Babylon 5: The Face of the Race
    Babylon 5 sounds
    Babylon 5 scripts
    JMS:s own pictures from the set of Babylon 5: The Lost Tales
    BabGuide A Babylon 5 Episode guide
    New Lurker's Guide
    Studio JMS
    The Babylon Project

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