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Interstellar Alliance

This is the english part of our website. Unfortunately there isn't enough time to translate the entire site to english or to maintain a concurrent version of it. The intention of this page is to give some information and insight to what the association Interstellar Alliance is all about.

Who are we?

We are a small non-profit association situated on the west coast of Sweden. Most of us live in or in the neighborhood of the city of Gothenburg. There is no intentions to limit the association geographically, rather the opposite. We're about 50 registered members, but as you don't have to be a member to attend to our BabCons, we think there are a few more of us than just the members.

What do we want?

The purpose of the association is to enjoy and endorse the science fiction created by J. Michael Straczynski and in particularly his Babylon 5. As the focus of peoples attention usually is directed towards the more popular series on the SciFi theme, we wanted to gather the few of us that have experienced the true greatness of Babylon 5. We want to make it possible for all fans of Straczynski to get together and experience his works together. And even more so, we want to bring these people together so that they can share their thought and reflections regarding Babylon 5 with other fans.

What do we do?

It all started with just a few of us that thought it would be nice to enjoy Babylon 5 together. We started small gatherings in peoples apartments but it soon grew out of that and we started to arrange BabCons. When we arrange a BabCon it has, to this date, been a gathering where about 50-70 people that watch episodes and movies from the Babylon 5 universe. On these occasions we also organize Trivia-contests with prizes from our sponsors and more.

What about the future?

Today we have only arranged BabCons where the screening of episodes were the central part. We hope to arrange other types of activities and have a lot of ideas of what to do. We also want to extend the organization further; both in members and doings. We are thinking about developing this website to enable coordination of buying merchandise abroad, registration of users, different forums and much more.

More questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of us in the board.

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